Living and Working In Buckinghamshire.
Working for a large wholesaler of Entertainment and Production Products, called A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd.,

My interest in lighting stems from school, I was at Frogmore comprehensive, from it’s first opening in 1975. During my time there I learnt quite a lot about lighting different shows, had some help from one of the teachers husband, who worked at the BBC as a cameraman. I was also given my first book on the subject by my drama teacher Peter Hill. Stage Lighting by Francis Reid.

So following on from school I decided to go to college, and was able to get on the ABTT Theatre Technicians Course at Paddington College, London, and gained City & Guilds 181 exam pass.

Following this I started working for Specialist Electrical Services (SES) who were a subsidiary company of Cerebrum Lighting Ltd.,
SES were based near Surbition in Surrey, as were Cerebrum.

Initially working for SES we worked installing effects lighting into discos etc.
One that I fondly remember was the Hacidena in Manchester, sadly it is no longer there, apparently now being posh apartments!

After a while the economy had a downturn and I moved over to Cerebrum Lighting, and worked in the warehouse.
I kept my hand in with the technology and spent time testing consoles and fixtures like the Pancan.

Shortly I moved in to a sales role, and worked with UK and Export customers.
Cerebrum Lighting became the Worldwide Distributor for the Celco range of desks and dimmers, which became the control desk of choice.

Then in 1994, I moved to work for A.C. Lighting Ltd in High Wycombe.
Still working in Sales, but now in the Export sales side.
Still having a tendency towards technology I got more and more involved with the computers and systems side, and in about 2000 I became IT & Logistics Director.
Since then we have moved premises and changed our company name to A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd., to better reflect the wide range of products and services that we now provide.

to be continued………


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