Problem Solicitor Beware!

I have recently experienced very poor service form a solicitor that was appointed as executor for my Late Mother.

My Mother died in Feb 2017, and to this day the estate is not completed.

The solicitor Hawksley’s solicitors, have been referred to the SRA by the Legal Ombudsman as they failed to respond to them in a timely manner.

The Legal Ombudsman has also requested that they complete the estate and pay us the remaining money by early Jan 2019.

No surprise, they have not done what was requested of them.

We also have an open case with the SRA for other failings, which is yet to be decided.

Please note that the company Hawsley’s Solicitors of Tuscam Way, Camberley have already had two cases upheld against them in favour of the complainant.

One of the complaints was for the same failings ours!

I would strongly suggest that you do not use this company or specifically Rebecca Hawksley also known as Becky Hawksley, as you will no doubt suffer at their hands as I have.

You certainly do not need the issues and stress that they have caused my sister and myself at a time when you are dealing with the loss of a family member.

They also now trade as Hawksley’s Law so beware!

The story continues as the LeO continues to try to get them to respond to them, just imagine it, they don’t even do what the Leo has stated that they should, and also does not receive replies from them, so what chance do you stand?

I find the Leo and SRA not the easiest to deal with either, so do yourself a favour and do not use Hawksleys!


The LeO upheld our side of the argument, however this is no real help as others are still experiencing the bad ways that don’t change.

They are now using the name CLAAS Solicitors but they are one and the same set up. They have probably done this to try and distance themselves from the bad name that they have.

take a look here for others with issues…

UPDATE August 2021

Finally the SRA have taken action against them, and shut them down.

You can find out more here

I very much welcome this decision, although it was a long time coming and there have been many that could have been saved the stress that she caused.

Overall, I am pleased that she has been shutdown now and will be further investigated.

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